Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2024/2025
Module/course Code BE78
Delivery location Paris
Language English
Course type Elective courses 15h
Contact hours 15
ECTS 2.5
Level 5 (year post baccalaureate)
Semester Fall
Field (Discipline) Human Resources Management
Academic Department Information & operations Management


Module/course Summary

​Nowadays, it’s hard to pass by a shop without reading “we’re ISO 9000 certified”. Why such a rush for a simple standard? In fact for many companies it’s just following a quality management fad. However, some do not fall in the trap. They do use the management tools, such as TQM or 6 Sigma for quality, but first of all they are aware of the British saying “A fool with a tool is still a fool”.Indeed, a key for not falling into a management fad trap and to benefit from a tool is to understand why they are important. Most of the management tools aim to business process excellence. That is what makes Toyota the world best industrial company and USAA the US best customer service company. Business process excellence is also behind the spectacular turnaround of Harley-Davidson and of Nissan. But don’t make the mistake: It’s not Carlos Ghosn who understood these tools. He did, but most importantly all Nissan managers and employees understood and used them.