Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2024/2025
Module/course Code BE93
Delivery location Paris
Language English
Course type Elective courses 15h
Contact hours 15
ECTS 2.5
Level 5 (year post baccalaureate)
Semester Fall/Spring
Field (Discipline) Others
Academic Department Management


Module/course Summary

​A rapidly growing number of new concepts and scientific discoveries, coming from fields distant from thetraditional paradigms used in today’s management practices – e.g. cognitive physiology, evolutionary sciences, linguistics, molecular biology, genetics, subatomic particle physics - are emerging and (in combination with new analytical brain imaging technologies such as EEG, PET, fMRI, MEG) promise to provide insights that will make a profound change in the ways in which we view the world and how we can expect to lead and drive companies in the future. The relationship between what is now the generally-termed fields of neuroscience and areas such as economics, marketing, finance, leadership and other business-related activities are coming to the fore at an increasingly rapid pace as these new scientific discoveries are confirmed and published.