Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2022/2023
Module/course Code DF05-A7
Delivery location Paris, Torino
Language English
Course type Prerequisite courses
Contact hours 15
Level 5 (year post baccalaureate)
Semester Fall
Module name BUSINESS LAW
Field (Discipline) Law & Tax
Academic Department Law Economics and Humanities


Module/course Summary

Law is an important part of the environment in which businesses operate. Time, money and opportunities can be lost through failure to identify the legal issues early enough or, indeed, at all. For this reason, any manager should gain familiarity with the basic principles of those major areas of law which impinge upon business activity. When such activity transcends national borders and becomes international, the potential problems involved can escalate. Having an understanding of the kind of problems that may arise will better equip managers to avoid or, at least, minimize the potential consequences.

The MiM participants will examine the necessary elements for creating legally enforceable business contracts. We will study contract interpretation and the legal rules regarding the enforcement of contracts.

We will then explore business organisations such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and different topics that dictate how to form, buy, manage, run, close or sell a business.



The purpose of the practical skills course that involves simulated negotiations of business transactions, case studies and oral presentations is to provide participants with an opportunity: to experience the development of an business contract,
• to study the businesses and legal issues and strategies that impact the negotiation
• to learn about the role that lawyers and law play in these negotiations,
• to give experience in drafting legal documents
• to provide negotiating experience in a context that replicates actual legal practice


The module will be taught over 15 hours. Formal input will be balanced by students led activities based on practical exercises. Throughout the module emphasis will be placed on developing the analytical skills students need to solve a problem from a legal perspective.