Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2021/2022
Module/course Code OP93
Delivery location Paris
Language English
Course type Specialisation
Contact hours 120
ECTS M1 before 2020 16
ECTS M1 from 2020 20
Semester Spring
Module name Digital Transformation: Understand, Contribute, Manage
Field (Discipline) Digital Transformation
Academic Department Information & operations Management


Module/course Summary

Digital transformation is having a profound impact on society, economy, work as well as on the daily lives of individuals. Starting at the end of the 20th century, its influence has been growing exponentially since then.
Regardless of their country of residence or their first jobs, every ESCP student will have to manage this transformation - the biggest challenges are still to come!

Digital transformation is both an opportunity - with enormous potential for wealth creation and well-being - and a threat - exacerbating certain inequalities and destroying whole sections of the economy as we know it.

Digital transformation highlights the need for a new kind of expertise: frontier expertise.
On the one hand, digital experts (computer scientists, data scientists, etc.) cannot change the world because they do not know how best to exploit their technologies. This is why Nicolas Sekkaki, CEO of IBM France, said when we invited him in 2017 to ESCP "Do not let the geeks rule the world! » . On the other hand, those who don't know anything about digital can only suffer its impact. Only those who know enough about digital technologies, enough about Business and Management, and know how to bridge both can master the digital transformation to their advantage.

The purpose of this specialisation is therefore to develop an expertise of the digital frontier in order to be a responsible actor of the digital transformation

We focus on understanding the underlying mechanisms of transformation, on acquiring the relevant knowledge and tools to analyze the impact of digital technologies and on studying the human factor in this transformation.


The elective course IA0E “Information: Mastering the Key Element of Digital Economy” (30 hours) has to be attended before or during the specialisation.