Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2021/2022
Module/course Code OP109
Delivery location Torino
Language English
Course type Specialisation
Contact hours 120
ECTS M1 before 2020 16
ECTS M1 from 2020 20
Module name OPTION E
Field (Discipline) Entrepreneurship


Module/course Summary

Be an entrepreneur of the
future, build a business that will make an impact on the world




The power of entrepreneurship, mixed with
technological disruption, is creating an “acceleration of productivity” that is
leading to rapid, massive wealth creation. More than ever, today’s
entrepreneurs are striving to build businesses that make an impact in the world. Impact entrepreneurs are driven by a
desire to disrupt the status quo. They believe in starting businesses that make
people’s lives easier, removing unnecessary complexity. Simply put, they are
not just selling, they are solving


Option E - Turin offers the opportunity to
prepare students for this kind of entrepreneurial action, while leveraging the
relational foundation, the social texture and the network of ties that make
businesses, in the geographical setting of Italy and Europe at large,
outstanding in terms of longevity,
and long-lasting in terms of impact and social good creation.


Option E – Turin is not confined to future
entrepreneurs but is open to any kind of participants. It is most suitable for
those who have the ambition to become innovative
in international corporations, future owners and leaders of their own enterprises, successors to their family businesses,
innovative leaders of private/public partnership projects, facilitators of entrepreneurial programs, and likewise


Finally, as the human progress is often the
result of multi-disciplinarian efforts, Option E - Turin builds to an important
extent on participants from non-business
school backgrounds and/or practitioners
(such as artists, engineers,
designers, social entrepreneurs, impact evaluation experts, managers and/or
entrepreneurial facilitators). This is a constant of the whole specialisation
track and will hold regardless the type of activity performed, from courses to
seminars, from projects to company visits, or travel missions abroad.


Students willing to apply for this option are required to submit a CV/resumé, a cover letter explaining their motivations and a proof of fluency in English (certificate, exam score). Students willing to facilitate the selection process are invited to include in their motivation letter a flash idea (video, drawing, or text that might let the jury better frame the candidature in less than 3 minutes). Access to this option is restricted to a maximum of 45 students selected on the basis of their dossier (CV/resumé + Motivation letter + flash-idea).
IMPORTANT - read it before considering any application!

• The pedagogical approach of this optional course is characterised by interaction and confrontation with real-life challenges, this requires from participants a generous amount of curiosity, adaptability and proactivity. Effectiveness in reaching the objectives, utility and satisfaction are, then, contingent on a strong internal motivation.

• For academic year 2021/22 Turin Option E will probably focus on Italy as a Discovery Trip (depending on covid-19 regulations). Students are requested to pay for their own travel, food and accommodation expenses, as well as covering their own travel and health insurance expenses, plus additional costs related to visas, board and local transport.

• Language: this course and related activities are taught in English.