Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2021/2022
Module/course Code OP101
Delivery location London
Language English
Course type Specialisation
Contact hours 120
ECTS M1 before 2020 16
ECTS M1 from 2020 20
Level 0 (year post baccalaureate)
Semester Spring
Module name Management Consulting Excellence
Field (Discipline) Management Control


Module/course Summary

This is part of a “twin” specialisation in Management Consulting, i.e. two distinct specializations while at the same time connected by a continuous theme, management consulting, aiming at those students who truly want to be "plug and play" for jobs in international management consulting firms. Students will be encouraged to apply for both the specialisations, while at the same time the option of applying only for either one of the two will remain open.  This specialisation will take place in the second semester in London, with the possibility of a 3-month summer internship in a Consulting Firm. ESCP London will offer tailored support in finding such an internship in one/two consulting firms.

In this specialization there will be different two types of course:
1) Fundamental Consulting Skills: (FCS)These are courses focused on developing the essential skills to be successful in Management Consulting, with a focus on the skills required as a junior analysist while still providing sufficient coverage of the leadership skills required in a consulting leadership position.  2) Management Consulting Experience (MCE)These are courses which will simulate the most typical consulting assignments, with an "end-to-end" design.  Students will work in groups and will receive detailed brief regarding a real consulting project (provided by London-based consultancies). Following a facilitated process, groups will develop their own "solutions" and recommendations to the client. At every step, students will compare their output with what the consultancy actually did in the project, and debate differences
Common elements These course types will be organised in 6-hour workshops, in such a way that:• in any given day of the specialization’s students will only cover one topic per day• every session will contain a blend of lectures and more practical, workshop activities, to be done in groups

Weeks of teaching will be alternated with weeks dedicated to group work assignments, which will consist in written reports which are typical of the job of management consultancies, such as:
- Market research 
- Competitive benchmark
- Future Outlooks 
- Technology outlook
- Etc.
These reports will not be connected to any specific taught courses, as these are activities which are often transversal to both the skill-based courses and the engagement-based courses. Written reports will cut across the different subjects and will measure the ability of teams to gather original insights and present them in effective written form. Group reports will form an essential part of students’ final evaluation.

All professors and facilitators teaching in this module have had or still currently have key roles within international consulting firms.