Syllabus overview (public)

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Programme Master in Management
Academic Year Academic Year 2020/2021
Module/course Code BX67
Delivery location Torino
Language English
Course type Elective courses 15h
Contact hours 15
ECTS M1 before 2020 2
ECTS M1 from 2020 2.5
Semester Spring
Field (Discipline) Marketing


Module/course Summary


Online is an ever ending (r)evolution characterized by a dramatic speed of novelty and changes happening, that is why (marketing) managers of whatsoever industry should have a clear understanding and solid knowledge of the field to better adapt and exploit the digital opportunity.

The initial digital marketing imperative of “just been online with a company website”, has been replaced by an increasing number of “must have”, from seamless brand experience through online touch points and devices, to exploit latest new platforms and features, and more in general “hot trends”, such as video and mobile marketing. As a consequence if typical digital marketing revolved around a drive to get more traffic, no matter what. Nowadays, digital marketing evolved into something  different, and much more powerful: a two-way street in which users can activate conversations with peers and organizations; and companies can  get in contact and interact with qualified users; select traffic rather than accumulate it; and, last but not least, carefully listen to what is told online about them and their products to drive future online (and offline) marketing (and business) strategy.

The objective of the course is to develop the necessary foundational knowledge and develop critical appreciation to understand and successfully managing the marketing of any F&B brand effort in a digital-world.